The key to unlocking sustainability at scale effective quantification and benchmarking of progress.

Certification provides a process to follow, and the ability to measure the progress made in relation to the sustainability goals of a building, or company. In a time of greenwashing and limited building data, certification is the only way to accurately measure a building’s performance. Delivering green buildings is important, understanding if they are operating as stated is imperative.


EDGE is a unique green building certification with a future-proofed approach.

Taking a global approach but bringing local data into the mix, it provides a standardised way for companies to benchmark and verify building performance. EDGE also includes a free web-based platform that allows companies to compare a building against a local base case and identify improvement opportunities. To meet the EDGE standard, a building must achieve 20% efficiency savings compared to the base case. This method allows for clear quantification of impact, KPI monitoring and benchmarking of success.

Building with Nature.

Building with Nature puts nature at the heart of new developments.

As the UK’s first green infrastructure benchmark, Building with Nature promotes the integration of nature-based solutions into the built environment through providing planners and developers with evidence-based, how-to, guidance on delivering high quality green infrastructure. To meet the Building with Nature standard, developments must meet each of the 12 quality standards that cover the 4 topic areas of: core, wellbeing, water and wildlife. By certifying with Building with Nature, developments can demonstrate their commitment to environmental preservation and conservation, whilst also providing benefits to their local communities. 

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