Combining knowledge across different industries creates more opportunity for innovation and transformation.

The built environment is underpinned by multiple industries and expertise; developers, investors, insurers, policymakers and many more. We seek to join the dots between each player and create an ecosystem that delivers true value across the full spectrum. We work together to develop solutions to challenges that obstruct the uptake of green buildings globally.

Strategic partners

Strategic partnerships are collaborations that look to innovate how sustainability is delivered, using certification as a core element. We work with local real estate associations, major consultancies, chambers of construction and other bodies to create, develop, and test new programmes and projects to find simpler solutions to industry challenges.


ESG investment is driving the industry to align with more sustainable development and practices. Investors require tangible and quantifiable information to de-risk investments. The correct certification programme can provide that. We collaborate with financial institutions, funds, and investors, to provide technical support and create a simpler route to green finance.


To ensure that policy and processes are aligned with market output, we work with governing bodies providing advice and experience on current obstacles to the green building market and how we can better drive uptake. We also support in capacity building within government institutions by providing training on green buildings, certification programmes and an introduction to green funding to broaden understanding

EDGE Faculty

EDGE Faculty are crucial to our network, as they allow us to deliver capacity building workshops and trainings at scale whilst effectively communicating the EDGE offering to clients. We work with EDGE Faculty members to deliver in-person and virtual trainings around the world.

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