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EDGE is the first green building standard of its kind in the world.

An innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE consists of three elements: a cloud-based application, a green building standard and a certification system.

The three elements of EDGE.

These three core elements of EDGE make it unique in the market.


The free EDGE App is accessible to anyone globally and can be used to design green buildings or a green retrofit strategy. Using local baseline information calculated using IFC data on building codes, climatic data and typical utility costs, the EDGE App allows you to compare your building to a local average and identify the most cost-effective ways to increase your sustainability credentials.


The EDGE standard is achieved by reducing resource intensity (energy, water and embodied energy in materials) by a minimum of 20%, when compared to a standard local building using a base case. The standard also includes EDGE Advanced certification, which requires a 40% reduction, as well as EDGE Zero Carbon.


Prove that your building is quantifiably green, and performs above average, by achieving EDGE certification. Use the certification to build credibility in your sustainability credentials with investors, customers, and partners.

Types of projects EDGE covers.

EDGE can be applied to virtually any building type, whether it is a new build or a building undergoing refurbishment.




Light Industry






Sports Facilities


Mixed Use

Benefits of EDGE.

The unique nature of EDGE provides multiple benefits for a variety of customers.

EDGE certification process.

The full process can take 3 months to complete, providing all documents are correct and submitted.

1. Contract

Request a quotation and sign an EDGE certification agreement with Sintali and your selected auditor for the project certification and audit services

2. Payment

Pay the registration, certification, and design audit invoices upfront

3. Registration

Create your project on the EDGE App and submit it for project registration

4. Design

Upload your documentation into the EDGE App and submit the design documents for audit and preliminary certification

5. Construction

Upload your documentation following the construction of the building and submit your assessment on the EDGE App for site audit and post-construction certification

6. Certification

Reap the benefits of having an EDGE-certified project

Ready to get started on your EDGE certification journey? We can help you connect to the right stakeholders to get your project started.

EDGE global reach.

EDGE is a global standard, with a local approach.

EDGE is global in nature and recognition, while taking into account local context. The software considers specific differences in every country in the world, using local baseline information, but offers a standardised approach for all. The global growth is largely driven by the financial sector, who recognise and often prefer EDGE due to the quantifiable approach and clear CO2 emission reductions. Alignment and recognition include the International Capital Market Association, the Climate Bonds Initiative, the EU Taxonomy, CDP and GRESB.

Working with us to achieve EDGE.

Through strategic collaborations, we bring together a team of global experts

We know that certification processes are often complex and lengthy, so we work with preferred partners, such as SGS, a leading global audit firm, to make processes simple and accessible. With a single point of support and backed with a network of experts for audit, consultancy, and certification, we guarantee a positive experience for all our clients.


Simplicity is key to our approach; we offer standard pricing globally to align with this.

Sintali uses standard pricing across the board, but as we work with various EDGE auditors, dependent on project country, there is slight variation within the audit fees. Projects generally fall into the below categories:

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