We believe all sustainability claims need to be independently verified 

To help drive climate action forward, we need transparent and credible data to show progress against targets.

We offer a variety of services to clients across the world, from leading multinational organisations to financial institutions and multilateral development banks to developers and homeowners. 

EDGE Certification Services

Sintali is one of IFC’s EDGE global certification partners. We review independent audits and issue certification decisions on whether buildings (or portfolios of buildings) meet the EDGE standard. We work with SGS, one of the largest global auditing firms in the world, to deliver this service to our clients.

Find out more about EDGE certification here.

Advisory Services

Our team has been working in the green building standard industry for over 20 years. We have experience developing various green building standards and use that expertise to advise institutions on how to set up verification schemes. We can advise on program-level, standard-level and across a range of topics including sustainable cities, sustainable finance programs and green building codes.

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Training and Capacity Building

An essential part of driving forward a sustainable future is ensuring everyone has the information they need to take action. We have a series of training programs available for different stakeholders on green building trainings, from specific trainings for consultants to trainings for banks and financial intermediaries.

Find out more about our training services here.

Helping navigate the road to a sustainable future.