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EDGE Experts Partnership Program

Clients often don’t know that they need EDGE Expert services, or are hesitant to add additional costs to the process. To help add value for EDGE Experts and support the business case for including quality consultancy in all certification projects, we work with EDGE Experts around the world to provide an integrated offering to clients.

EDGE Experts sign a non-exclusive partnership agreement with us, which allows us to subcontract a fixed scope of work on their behalf to clients, which we accommodate from our audit fees. This offer is available to all of our clients and gives EDGE Experts an entry point to negotiate additional consultancy work on a project by project basis.

We also offer additional benefits to EDGE Experts who sign up with us, including exclusive technical and business training webinars, as well as opportunities to bid for consultancy projects that are channeled through our clients and investor partners.

Benefits of becoming an EDGE Experts Partner:

Local Partner Program

We work with local organisations in key markets that act as the face of EDGE and help drive growth in the market.

The local partner takes on the responsibility for conducting business development in the specific market, while Sintali-SGS operate behind the scenes and support with the EDGE certification and audit services.

What we look for in local partners:

Investor Partner Program

We support the development of technical assistance programs and connecting investors with portfolio projects.

Using EDGE certification as an eligibility criterion, investors can standardise technical assistance offerings and channel funds into the energy efficiency and green building sector.

The value of EDGE for investors:

EDGE Trainer Program

We accredit EDGE Experts to conduct training on our behalf, under the Sintali-SGS global license agreement. Accredited trainers work with our team to organise and conduct remote and in-person EDGE Experts training around the globe. 

What we look for in trainers:

Benefits of becoming an accredited trainer:

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