Looking for consultancy support?

We work with EDGE Experts around the world to provide you with the consultancy you need for your EDGE project. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our partners directly

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria 
Languages: English
Contact: akintecture@gmail.com

HQ: Amman, Jordan
Languages: English, Arabic
Website: www.adaaconsultants.com
Contact: maysoon@adaaconsultants.com

HQ: Accra, Ghana
Languages: English
Website: www.aha-global.com
Contact: keapeatse@aha-global.com

HQ: Hyderabad, India
Languages: English. Hindi
Website: www.alfgreen.com
Contact: sirish@alfgreen.com

HQ: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Languages: English
Website: www.ardorarch.com
Contact: vuquang@ardorarch.com 

HQ: Accra, Ghana
Languages: English
Website: www.brollghana.com
Contact: jfsonner1@gmail.com 

HQ: Bucharest, Romania
Languages: English
Website: www.build-green.eu
Contact: razvan.nica@build-green.eu 

HQ: Monterrey, Mexico
Languages: English, Spanish
Website: www.construalia.com.mx
Contact: hola@construalia.com.mx 

HQ: Rajasthan, India
Languages: English, Hindi
Website: www.design2occupancy.com
Contact: agupta@design2occupancy.com 

HQ: Cape Town, South Africa
Languages: English, Afrikaans, German
Website: www.ecolution.co.za 
Contact: andre@ecolution.co.za

HQ: Izmir, Turkey
Languages: English, Turkish
Website: www.emkyesilbina.com/
Contact: elcin@emkyesilbina.com

HQ: Abuja, Nigeria
Languages: English
Website: www.giltadvisory.com.ng
Contact: abelowotemu@hotmail.com

HQ: Bucharest, Romania
Languages: English
Website: www.greenbuilding.ro
Contact: elena@greenbuilding.ro 

HQ: Salvador, Brazil
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Website: www.greenedifica.com.br
Contact: contato@greenedifica.com.br 

HQ: Abuja, Nigeria
Languages: English
Website: www.greensquaremetre.com/
Contact: shani@greensquaremetre.com

HQ: Johannesburg, South Africa
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Intermediate French
Website: www.insideoutconsulting.co.za/
Contact: yvonne@insideoutconsulting.co.za

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria
Languages: English
Website: www.litedares.com 
Contact: emmanuelfalude@litedares.com 

HQ: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Languages: English, Portuguese
Website: www.mitsidi.com 
Contact: rosane@mitsidi.com 

HQ: Accra, Ghana
Languages: English
Website: www.instagram.com/neoteros.group 
Contact: makarikari4@gmail.com 

HQ: Hazmieh, Lebanon
Languages: English, Arabic, French.
Website: www.otbconsult.com 
Contact: nader@otbconsult.com

HQ: Seville, Spain
Languages: Spanish (native), Galician (native), English, Portuguese
Website: www.rehabilitaenergia.com 
Contact: pabloans@rehabilitaenergia.com

HQ: Tehran, Iran
Languages: English
Website: www.sepidgroup.com 
Contact: edge@sepidgroup.com

HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia
Languages: English, Bahasa
Website: www.sustainahaus.com/
Contact: satrio.prakoso@sustainahaus.com

HQ: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Languages: English
Website: www.sdg17consulting.de/
Contact: natalia.korchakova-heeb@sdg17consulting.de

HQ: Nairobi, Kenya
Languages: English
Website: ugcafrica.com/
Contact: amrish@ugcafrica.com

HQ: Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
Languages: English, French
Website: yabakumba.com
Contact: kumbayaba@gmail.com

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria 
Languages: English
Website: www.3designfx.com 
Contact: lolu@3designfx.com