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Transition all of your buildings to zero carbon.

Find out how you can develop and implement a retrofit strategy at scale in a cost-effective way in our latest white paper. 

Gain value from EDGE Certification

Access Financing

EDGE-certified projects can access new sources of financing, such as green bonds, green mortgages and better loan rates

Global Benchmarking

EDGE is a global standard with local baselines, so you can benchmark your buildings across multiple countries and standardise your sustainability strategy while accounting for different market standards

Brand Credibility

EDGE Certification provides independent third party validation of your green building improvements and recognises your achievements through a prestigious World Bank Group standard

Impact Quantification

The EDGE App provides quantifiable metrics and gives you the data you need to communicate to internal and external stakeholders, and drive meaningful change

Scalable Approach

The EDGE App and online certification process allow you to find efficiencies and certify an entire portfolio of buildings with minimal time and resources

Smart Database

Using an underlying database of building codes and regional climate data, the EDGE App helps you make data-driven decisions by providing you with a list of resource efficiency measures and the estimated incremental costs, return on investment and carbon savings based on your location

EDGE Certification at a Glance


Use the free EDGE App to compare your building against a local baseline and identify the most cost-effective ways to green your building.


Reach the minimum standard of 20% less resource intensity in energy, water and embodied energy in materials to achieve EDGE certification, or choose a higher level of energy savings to reach EDGE Advanced and EDGE Zero Carbon.


Prove that your building is quantifiably green by achieving EDGE certification.

Learn more about EDGE and how it can help you transition your buildings to zero carbon

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Make an impact with EDGE certification

EDGE-certified buildings around the world reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the use of valuable resources such as water.

Water Savings m3/year
Embodied Energy in Materials Savings GJ
Energy Savings MWh/Year
Savings tCO2/year

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