We bring together a team of global experts to streamline and simplify the EDGE certification process. 

How do you get started with EDGE?

The first step is making sure you have the right people in place to help you. There are several key stakeholders involved in the EDGE certification process, some of which are required and some of which are optional. 

Select your certifier

A certifier is required to review the auditor’s work, make an independent decision and issue the certificate.

That’s us! We are a UK-based company that works as a certification body across the globe for EDGE. We are able to provide certification services to all your projects, regardless of where they are geographically.

Select your auditor

You will need an independent auditor to review your documentation and conduct a site visit.

We have a select group of accredited Sintali EDGE Auditors that we work with across the globe. Let us know where your project is and we will connect you with a local auditor who can help you.

Select your consultant*

Consultancy isn’t required for EDGE certification. The self-assessment can be conducted in-house.

However, it can be helpful to get external advice or outsource the process. We work with various EDGE Experts across the world and are happy to connect you with the right partner.

Sintali Accredited Auditors

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adaa Sustainable Development Consultants- أداء لاستشارات التنمية المستدامة” is an independent innovative consultancy, we work with Architects in Jordan and the area on optimizing their building design performance.

They facilitate the sustainable development of buildings across MENA region, helping architects to design more efficient buildings that use less energy, water, and resources while being comfortable for occupants

Maysoon Al-Khuruaissat is a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted at maysoon@adaaconsultants.com 

ALF Green Consultants is a global consulting headquartered out of Hyderabad.

Portfolio of sustainability services include Green Building Certification (EDGE, IGBC, LEED, GEM), Health and Well Being Certification (WELL Buildings) for all categories of buildings, Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), Simulation, ESG Consulting, MEP Designs, Chartered Engineer and Valuation services.

ALF Green has Sirish Chandra as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://alfgreen.com/about-us

Arquitectura & Ciudad was founded in Lima, Peru in 2016 as an architecture studio and consulting firm dedicated to helping real estate developers integrate seamlessly sustainable design and construction into their projects. They provide personalized solutions tailored to their specific needs, collaborating closely with developers to ensure that their designs align with their vision and objectives.

Vanessa Montezuma Ramos is a Sintali Accredited auditor and can be contracted at vanessa@arquitecturayciudad.com 

Astha Design and Sustainable Consultancy is led by Ar.Sucheta Mehetre – M. Arch, Energy and Environmental design, Scotland.

She is an expert green building consultant with more than 15 years of experience. Sucheta’s core competencies include Architecture, project management, green design, green audits, due diligence and development.

Astha was established with the sole purpose of creating world-class spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable in the truest sense.

For more information contact info@asthadesign.com 

Building Zero Consultants is a green building and sustainability consultancy firm based in Surat, India. They are a dynamic collective of visionary professionals who believe in a net-zero future and customize comprehensive solutions for the decarbonization of our inspired clients. 

They can provide a one-stop-shop solution for EDGE certification by providing you with EDGE Expert, Audit and Faculty/Training services. Let’s make this world a better place by creating high-performance, healthy and inspiring spaces together.

Jiyan Pattarwala is a Sintali Accredited Auditor. Please contact with your inquiries at office@buildingzero.net

CARBÓNCERO is a Latin-American sustainability consultant leader that was founded in San Salvador, El Salvador in 2018. CARBÓNCERO offers green building and sustainability consulting services for organizations that want to make a positive impact in the conservation of our planet and their rentability.

CARBÓNCERO es un líder regional de consultoría en sostenibilidad que fue fundado en San Salvador, El Salvador en 2018. CARBÓNCERO ofrece servicios de asesoría de proyectos de diseño y construcción sostenible para organizaciones que están interesadas en generar un impacto positivo en el planeta y al mismo tiempo generar mayor rentabilidad.

Roberto Rodriguez is a Sintali Accredited Auditor. Please contact with your inquiries at roberto@carboncero.com 

CTE is a consulting company, which has 28 years of experience in the Construction Industry, offering clients consultancy across a wide range of services, projects and Green Building LEED Certification and AQUA Certification.

Camila Kramel and Pedro Rossi are Sintali accredited auditors and can be contacted at ckramel@cte.com.br and pedro.rossi@cte.com.br. 

Design2Occupancy (D2O) is a leading ESCO consulting organization specializing in a wide range of services within the realm of sustainable design and environmental efficiency. D2O’s expertise spans various domains, including Green Building Certification Facilitation, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Neutrality studies, GHG Emission Calculation, Energy and Daylight Simulation, CFD Analysis, Energy, Water, and Fire audits, as well as MEP design services.

D2O has Anuj Gupta as an accredited EDGE Auditor. 

For more information, please visit www.design2occupancy.com

EcoFirst Services Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Tata Consulting Enginers Limited, is a leading multi-disciplinary integrated sustainable design consulting firm for the built environment.

EcoFirst specialises in creating sustainable designs and responsible developments solutions by a seamless integration of architecture, engineering and environmental technology. They work in retail, townships, high rises, IT parks and warehousing industries range pan India.

EcoFirst has Rupali Thakur as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://www.ecofirst.in/about-ecofirst.html

Ecolution Consulting is a Green Building Consulting and Sustainability Consulting firm based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, and is actively involved in projects across the African continent. It was established in 2011 in response to the need for market transformation towards more sustainable and responsible design, construction, operation, and maintenance in the built environment.  Our services assist clients who are striving to be an environmentally responsible business, as well as being recognised as such. As a combined force, alongside our clients, we will act as a catalyst for a change towards bettering our world. 

Ecolution Consulting has Cornelia Mey as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://ecolution.co.za/ or contact us on hello@ecolution.co.za

Ela Green Buildings & Infrastructure Consultants Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2009 by Ms. Samhita M, has grown to be one of India’s leading green building consultancy firms, providing sustainability solutions to a wide range of projects across commercial, residential, industrial, retail, hospitality, and other sectors.

ELA Green Consultants has Samhita Madanagobalane as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://elagreenconsultants.com/about-ela/

The Egyptian Carbon Center (ECC) was founded to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Egypt and to help Egyptian organizations reduce their carbon footprints by implementing proper frameworks to measure and manage GHG emissions from their operations, value chains and mitigation actions. ECC methodologies and framework are based on the GHG protocol that supplies the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

The Paris Agreement, adopted within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in December 2015, commits participating all countries to limit global temperature rise, adapt to changes already occurring, and regularly increase efforts over time. GHG Protocol is developing standards and tools that helps countries and cities track progress towards their climate goals.

ECC looks forward to help Egypt go greener by offering fully utilized solutions to analyze, measure, reduce and offset GHG. ECC services are tailor made and adapts to each organization size and situation.

Aya Gaber is a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted at sales@egyptiancarboncenter.com. 

Environmental Design Solutions [EDS] is a sustainability advisory firm focusing on the built environment. Since its inception in 2002, EDS has worked on over 250 green building and energy efficiency projects worldwide.

EDS has Shazheb Ejaz as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit www.edsglobal.com

Essential India is an EDGE consultant and green building simulation consultant that helps clients create sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. In the market since 2015, Essential India has a strong presence in India and in North America.

Essential India provides services that deal with passive design solutions, lighting solutions, energy auditing, energy assessment, energy modelling & code compliance, green rating compliance, climate and microclimate analysis, renewable energy systems integration and daylight analysis.

Essential India has Abdul Chaudhary as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://www.essentialindia.in/

Green Barn Solutions Limited is a pioneering company dedicated to designing sustainable buildings that prioritize energy efficiency, water conservation, and the reduction of embodied energy in materials. Their primary focus is on creating structures that not only benefit the environment but also result in significant savings for their clients through reduced operating costs.

With a commitment to sustainability, they offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring that buildings meet rigorous environmental standards. Their expertise includes providing One-Stop-Shop EDGE Certification, which encompasses EDGE Expert and EDGE Auditor services for clients worldwide. By offering these services, they empower clients to achieve environmentally friendly and cost-effective building solutions, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Andrew Chileshe is a Sintali accredited EDGE Auditor and can be contacted on andrewchileshe190@gmail.com.

Green Nexus Consulting LTD is a pioneering firm at the forefront of sustainability solutions, specializing in energy and water audits, as well as carbon emissions audits for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. They also guide their clients to develop and implement Net Zero strategies as part of their ESG obligations. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, we offer comprehensive services aimed at optimizing resource utilization and reducing ecological footprints. They also provide one stop shop for EDGE Certification that encompasses both Expert and Auditor services.

They serve a diverse clientele including residential homeowners & developers, industrial facilities, commercial establishments, and governmental organizations. They provide actionable recommendations to enhance conservation, improve efficiency, and lower operational costs. Their solutions are customized to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client, ensuring maximum impact and sustainability

Max Aquah is a Sintali accredited EDGE Auditor and can be contacted on max.acquah@yahoo.com.

HPBS’s mission is to create an environment that is conducive to people, nature and business. Our company was founded by professional consultants in 2015 who have worked for global consulting, engineering and innovative companies such as EY, Mott Macdonald, Skolkovo Foundation.

HPBS is an international engineering consulting company specializing in the development of accounting concepts for optimization and compensation of the carbon footprint of companies and products, the development of engineering concepts for cities and buildings, energy supply strategies for territories, calculations of budgets and payback periods for engineering infrastructure, climatic engineering of territories, certification of buildings, digital modeling of buildings and territories.

Anastasiya Andyuseva is a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted on andyuseva@hpb-s.com. 

Inside Out Consulting provides independent consulting services focusing on the affordable residential housing sector throughout Africa. It has a wide range of clients ranging from small developers to financiers and private equity firms. 

They are experienced in working in project teams as well as leading project teams. Inside Out Consulting is passionate about developing and maintaining sustainable and affordable housing solutions, uplifting communities and minimizing the impact on the planet through sustainable greening solutions. 

Services provided include certified EDGE Auditor and EDGE Expert services for clients who wish to bring their projects forward for EDGE green building certification. These services include documentation compilation, checks and site audits by licensed professionals for residential and commercial buildings.

Yvonne Pelser is a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted on yvonne@insideoutconsulting.co.za.

MIR Consulting’s mission is to promote the enhancement of existing building and living comfort with environmental sustainability to reduce C02 emissions and make buildings comply with the legal obligations set out in the 2030 and 2050 European’s agenda. They transform them into buildings assets capable of meeting the energy needs of their own and adjacent buildings.

Their vision is to transform cities to reduce the environmental impact of buildings through the implementation of sustainable solutions and high technological content, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions while preserving the planet for future generations.

The aim is to create a safer, healthier, more livable and inclusive urban environment that can promote the economic and social development of the community.

MIR Consulting has Saichandu Parvathareddy a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted on csp.pkm@mirconsulting.it

Find out more here.

Mitsidi Projetos was founded in São Paulo in 2014 as a collaboration between high-level experts offering research and consulting projects in an industry that clearly lacks technological and management innovation.

Mitsidi is now established as one of the most influential energy consultancies. They provide energy and project management to some of the largest organizations in the country, and plays a leading role in the development of research and public policy in the energy efficiency sector.

Mitsidi has Rosane Fukuoka a Sintali accredited auditor and EDGE faculty.

Find out more here.

Ornament Engineering Limited is an engineering company that focuses on consultancy, designs, construction, real estate development and training.

Dr. Egbiki is a Nigerian, German, and Canadian trained Engineer whose experience spans across Civil, Water, Energy, Environmental and Cost Engineering.  With over 15 years of work experience, he holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  He is a Certified Project Manager (PMP), a Certified Cost Professional (CCP), a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Certified Green Building and Sustainability Professional (EDGE Expert, Auditor, Faculty, LEED and German DGNB Consultant).  Dr. Egbiki is a Business Analyst and Intelligent Professional (BAIP). He is the Managing director of Ornament Engineering and Integrated Green Consulting. He is a green building consultant and a University Lecturer.

Dr. Egbiki is a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted at egbiki4u@yahoo.com.

Reeds Consult is a leading firm in the field of Green Building in Egypt and the MENA Region. The firm was established in 2018,
however, their team Sustainability experience extends more than 17 years. This enables them to deliver sustainable buildings
in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

Reeds Consult has Karim Farah a Sintali accredited auditor and can be contacted at kfarah@reedsconsult.com.

Saga & Associates is a firm based in Bengaluru dedicated to architectural design and green building certification consultancy for EDGE, IGBC, GRIHA and LEED.

Founded by Gouri Rathod, the organisation has been working on dozens of projects since 2013 across India.

Saga and Associates has Gouri Rathod as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. 

SGS Brazil has Camila Del Gaudio Orlando as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. SGS Bulgaria has Atanas Shutov, Petko Gatev and Iliya Tomov as accredited EDGE Auditors.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors.

SGS China has Michael Xu as accredited EDGE Auditor.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors.

SGS Egypt has Aya Gaber as an interim EDGE Auditor

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. 

SGS Ghana has Gladys Assan and Innocent Amu as accredited EDGE Auditors. They can be contacted at Gladys.Assan@sgs.com or Innocent.Amu@sgs.com.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. 

SGS Colombia has Jose Bonivento,  Felipe Holguin, Daniel Bernal, Nattaly Herrera, Angela Aatehortua, Leonardo Reina, Maria Paula Cerquera and Jairo Posada as accredited EDGE Auditors.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. 

SGS Romania has Ilie Retezatu and David Vlaicu as accredited EDGE Auditors.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. 

SGS Tecnos has Angel Rodriguez, Noelia Garcia, Javier Fuentes Garcia and Leticia Cordero as accredited EDGE Auditors.

SGS is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services for various industries and sectors. 

SGS Vietnam has Hai Hang adn Truong Nguyen as accredited EDGE Auditors.

Smart Green Shift are a consulting firm that provides a wide range of services in net-zero carbon building design and Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) green building certification facilitation.

They help clients reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency and reliability, manage brand and reputation, mitigate risk, and create more productive and healthy workplace environments.

Blaise Mempouo is a Sintali accredited auditor and be contacted at blaise.mempouo@smartgreenshift.com


Surmount Energy is one of the leading Green Building Services companies in India and abroad. The company helps its clients to achieve their Green Building Certification requirements for EDGE, USGBC-LEED, IGBC-Green, GRIHA, QSAS and HRC.

Surmount Energy has JP Rout as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://www.surmountenergy.com/

Sustainahaus is a forward-thinking green building consultancy, dedicated to empowering businesses in their sustainability pursuits. With expertise in green building certification and Corporate ESG strategies, our diverse team of certified specialists passionately delivers timely, budget-conscious solutions, transforming sustainable visions into tangible realities. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia with projects in Asia Pacific: Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Leste.

Satrio Prakoso is a Sintali Accredited auditor and can be contacted on satrio.prakoso@sustainahaus.com

Sustainway envisions a sustainable and well-being-centric world, guiding global projects with our unique blend of consulting, training, and auditing. With over a dozen EDGE audits across Morocco, Belgium, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Senegal, and so on, we specialize in transforming the built environment through sustainable strategies, energy engineering, and leading certifications (EDGE, LEED, BREEAM, HQE, WELL, Osmoz, WiredScore, R2S…).

Their holistic approach, merging economy, ecology, and innovation, empowers clients to meet their sustainable objectives. Established in Morocco in 2020, and ongoing expansions in Europe and the Middle East they are your partner in crafting a sustainable future.

For more information, please visit https://www.sustainway.net

Sustainway has Wiam SAMIR as Sintali accredited EDGE Auditors and can be contacted at s.wiam@sustainway.net, or contact@sustainway.net

TransGreen is a professional consulting organization offering Green Building Advisory and Corporate Sustainability Solutions. The Core team consists of  Certified Energy Auditors,  IGBC, GRIHA and LEED Accredited Professionals, ECBC Master Trainers, EDGE Auditors, HVAC and Commissioning Specialists with total Green consulting experience of 200+ projects.

The company is based in Chennai and has associate offices in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Tirupur. It has sssociates in Singapore, Muscat and UAE.

Transgreen has Mahesh Maniaswamy as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

For more information, please visit https://transgreen.in/

TTechCARE has Jitendra Vyas as an accredited EDGE Auditor.

VK:e environmental is a consulting practice that believes in and passionately promotes sustainability. 

VK:e is a niche consultancy practice providing green building as well as environmental package along with post occupancy audits. It provides a one stop solution for all the environmental and sustainability goals

VK:e environmental has Dr Poorva Keskar as an accredited auditor.

For more information please visit: https://vke-environmental.com

Urban Green Consultants is the leading green building consulting firm in East Africa. Through demonstrating the business case for green buildings, UGC is revolutionizing the building industry in Africa, working with a diverse range of clients from small scale developers to large multinationals.

UGC specialises in green building design advisory and certifications, building and energy simulation modeling, carbon auditing, environmental impact assessments and environmental and development approvals.

Amrish Shah is a Sintali accredited EDGE Auditor. He can be contacted at amrish@ugcafrica.com 

Why work with Sintali?

We work together with experts from across the globe, to make the process simple and accessible. We provide a single point of support, backed with a network of experienced experts for audit, consultancy and certification. 

What do we bring you?

How does the certification process work?

1. Contract

Request a quotation and sign an EDGE certification agreement with Sintali for the certification services of your project

2. Payment

Pay the registration and certification invoices

3. Registration

Submit your project on the EDGE App for project registration

4. Design

Submit design documents through the EDGE App for audit and preliminary certification

5. Construction

Submit as built documents through the EDGE App for site audit and post-construction certification

6. Certification

Reap the benefits of having an EDGE-certified project

How much does it cost?

Sintali does not price based on the floor area of projects, but rather based on the number of assessments in the EDGE App. This allows our clients to implement EDGE Certification at scale at a very competitive cost, and better reflects the work associated with certification.

Registration fees

Each project you register has a $350 registration fee.

Certification fees

We offer three types of pricing.

Standard: If your project is a residential development with up to 3 typologies and 150 units, or a commercial development of one building and one use type, the price is $2,900. This is applies to all buildings under this description, regardless of size and location.

Non-standard: If your project does not fall in the standard category, we will calculate a price for you depending on how many assessments on EDGE will need reviewing.

Portfolio: We offer custom portfolio pricing to allow companies to implement EDGE across all of their buildings and scale in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way.

Ready to get started?

Helping navigate the road to a sustainable future.