We bring together a team of global experts to streamline and simplify the EDGE certification process. 

How do you get started with EDGE?

The first step is making sure you have the right people in place to help you. There are several key stakeholders involved in the EDGE certification process, some of which are required and some of which are optional. 

Select your certifier

A certifier is required to review the auditor’s work, make an independent decision and issue the certificate.

That’s us! We are a UK-based company that works as a certification body across the globe for EDGE. We are able to provide certification services to all your projects, regardless of where they are geographically.

Select your auditor

You will need an independent auditor to review your documentation and conduct a site visit.

We have a select group of accredited Sintali EDGE Auditors that we work with across the globe. Let us know where your project is and we will connect you with a local auditor who can help you.

Select your consultant*

Consultancy isn’t required for EDGE certification. The self-assessment can be conducted in-house.

However, it can be helpful to get external advice or outsource the process. We work with various EDGE Experts across the world and are happy to connect you with the right partner.

Sintali Accredited Auditors

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Why work with Sintali?

We work together with experts from across the globe, to make the process simple and accessible. We provide a single point of support, backed with a network of experienced experts for audit, consultancy and certification. 

What do we bring you?

How does the certification process work?

1. Contract

Request a quotation and sign an EDGE certification agreement with Sintali for the certification services of your project

2. Payment

Pay the registration, certification and design audit invoices upfront

3. Registration

Submit your project on the EDGE App for project registration

4. Design

Submit design documents through the EDGE App for audit and preliminary certification

5. Construction

Submit as built documents through the EDGE App for site audit and post-construction certification

6. Certification

Reap the benefits of having an EDGE-certified project

Ready to get started?

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