We verify environmental performance and sustainability claims, and spread awareness of green building success on a global scale.

We support companies on their sustainability goals in numerous ways, from quantifying their success through certification, to providing advisory on the creation of new verification programmes for specific needs, to educating on core products through the delivery of training. We are passionate about our work and are driven by purpose to decarbonise the built environment.

Our Story.

Our approach originates from the passion and care for planet and people.

Launched in 2020 by Tom Saunders and Eleni Polychroniadou, Sintali was born out of the motivation to set up a company that genuinely does good for the world, and brings ethics into business. The founders chose to focus on decarbonising the built environment as a key impact area in the climate crisis. With buildings contributing over a third of all global greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring that green buildings are rolled out in the most simple and scalable way possible is a way to achieve maximum impact.

Our purpose as an organisation is to make sure that every piece of infrastructure across the world, whether it’s an individual building or part of the broader built environment, is green.

We aim to catalyse that effort through improved education and reducing the barriers to entry for stakeholders, as well as ensureing that these efforts are done in a credible and verified way

Wondering about the name? Sintali is a combination of two words: sin and tally. Combined, they mean ever accounting. As a company dedicated to transparency and encouragement of progress towards environmental goals, we feel that we must remain accountable to ourselves and  those around us.  

Our company in a nutshell.

80+ Countries

30+ Partners

700+ Clients

9,000+ Buildings certified globaly

Our Values.

Our values and principles are the heart of our business.

Driving our actions and guiding us to remain true to our passions and motivations, even when faced with challenging decisions. Strong values, and a strong affiliation with these values keeps us focused on continuing to create positive change.

1. People

Collaboration and empowerment are essential to the way we work internally as a team, as well as with our external partners. 

2. Action

We believe that actions speak louder than words. We aim to lead by example and urge our stakeholders to prioritise results and action.

3. Transparency

We aspire to be honest with ourselves and with our stakeholders when it comes to progress and work. We believe transparency is at the centre of trust. 

Our Offer.

We work across the green building value chain, offering a range of services to make the road to net zero simple and accessible for a variety of clients.


Certification is our core offering, and EDGE Buildings the primary programme within this. Certification quantifies sustainability success, making it tangible and investable.


We apply our decades of experience with green building verification to bespoke client needs, assisting on the development and implementation of new verification programmes.


Education and knowledge inform change. We offer and deliver a range of training packages to grow the EDGE network and share information and passions.

Our Awards.

Our work has been recognised by various organisations. 

  • Winner of the Green StartUp Award for London and East of England as part of the StartUp Awards National Series (2022)
  • Shortlisted as a finalist for the Net Hero Award by Small Business Britain (2023)
  • Sintali co-founder Eleni Polychroniadou won Director of the Year for Young and Start-up Category by the Institute of Directors (2023)

Our Clients.

Our clients represent some of the biggest names in real estate, retail, and hospitality, as well as start-ups and SME’s.

From the innovators to the legacy brands, we are proud to work with companies of various sizes, all with a similar goal, to be better for the planet. Our services are accessible, regardless of size and aspirations

Our Partners.

Collaboration is crucial to delivering transformation of the built environment at pace and scale.

We are advocates for partnerships and collaborations across the value chain, passing this value to our clients too. We partner with government bodies, financial institutions, and local industry organisations to develop a full picture offering

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