Education and training are essential to increasing accessibility to sustainability.

Sustainability is complex; therefore, we have ensured training and support are an essential part of our offering. We provide opportunities to gain new skills and make the understanding of verification programmes more accessible to all. We are developing a network of knowledgeable individuals to increase the uptake of green building verification globally.

EDGE Expert training.

EDGE Experts are consultants trained in using the EDGE tool. They play an integral part in the EDGE ecosystem.

EDGE Experts work with clients, or in-house, to increase the sustainability performance of buildings through the application and management of EDGE certification, driving environmental design. We want to ensure that people are aware of the capabilities of EDGE and feel confident and competent with the process and what can be achieved.

Our EDGE Expert course typically lasts for 8 hours.

Why EDGE Expert training?

What’s included in EDGE Expert training?

Our training is offered online, with an EDGE Faculty, to increase accessibility and decrease negative environmental impact. Trainings delivered in-person can be organised on an ad-hoc basis.

“The EDGE Certification study programme was a pivotal turning point in my systematic understanding of the elements that make a green building work.

“Using the universally accessible EDGE online application also reassures regarding the global scale at which EDGE is working. Tapping into EDGE means tapping into a global system of manageable, real world, real green buildings change. Thank you, Sintali.”
Gie Garcia / Managing Director, NEO Properties

Green buildings for banks.

Green finance is an important part of the green building ecosystem. We work with commercial banks and financial intermediaries to provide training on identifying green building opportunities and integrating them into green loans, mortgages, and sustainably linked products.

Our workshop typically lasts for 2 hours.

What’s included in the workshop?

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