Take your services to the next level and become a Sintali Auditing Partner.

Offer end-to-end EDGE certification services to facilitate the best customer experience.

Auditor Company Partners

How does it work?

For auditors looking to expand their EDGE services, becoming a Sintali auditing partner can help accelerate your EDGE business.

Auditor Company Partners work with Sintali to provide a one-stop-shop option for clients for EDGE audit and certification services. An all inclusive contracting approach minimizes procurement and coordination hassles for your clients. Auditor Company Partners also work together with Sintali to help EDGE grow in the market.

The process is fairly simple:


  • Complete the standard EDGE Auditor Accreditation process and become a Sintali accredited auditor
  • Review the Company Partnership agreement that Sintali will send you
  • Sign Company Partnership agreement
  • Attend a meeting with Sintali to prepare one-stop-shop certification agreement
  • Participate in joint business development and marketing initiatives as agreed between partners

 Partnerships are reviewed on a yearly basis, in line with subject to maintaining a high quality of audits.

The Fees:

  • None

Why become an Audit Partner?

  • One-stop-shop contracting to clients 
  • Increased visibility and brand awareness through collaborating with Sintali
  • Working closely with Sintali to promote EDGE services
  • Access to join business development initiatives

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