Join our auditor network to showcase your specialized EDGE knowledge.

 Sintali is actively expanding our global network of accredited EDGE auditors to provide comprehensive services in every region. 

Auditor Accreditation Process

Whether you have completed EDGE audits with another certification provider or you are an EDGE Expert wanting to upskill, we would love to hear from you!

To become a Sintali accredited EDGE Auditor, the process is fairly simple.

  • Submit the requested documents to the Sintali team for review
  • Review the auditor license agreement that Sintali will send you
  • Sign our EDGE auditor license agreement
  • Attend the onboarding workshop outlining our expectations as auditor and go through auditor handbook
  • Achieve interim auditor license
  • Find and win a project to act as auditor on – put your sales skills to the test
  • The first audit is a real project that is submitted as your “exam” – use your new skills to submit your first audit for review
  • After first audit is submitted, undergo a feedback call with Sintali
  • Upon a second submission and further feedback from Sintali, achieve active auditor status
  • Note: if the first audit is unsuccessful, you will need to repeat the process 

Documentation Required


  • A copy of your CV (in English if possible) highlighting your experience in the construction and/or real estate sector
  • A copy of your EDGE Expert certificate
  • A copy of a successful audit report completed in the last 12 months, if you have one 

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