We believe collaboration is essential in driving ambitious climate action

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Strategic Partners

  • IFC
  • SGS
  • Camacol

Accredited EDGE Trainers

  • Sunday Egbiki


  • Global Climate Partnership Fund
  • ProCredit Bank Kosovo
  • ProCredit Bank Georgia

EDGE Expert Partners

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria 
Languages: English
Contact: akintecture@gmail.com

HQ: Amman, Jordan
Languages: English, Arabic
Website: www.adaaconsultants.com
Contact: maysoon@adaaconsultants.com

HQ: Accra, Ghana
Languages: English
Website: www.aha-global.com
Contact: keapeatse@aha-global.com

HQ: Hyderabad, India
Languages: English. Hindi
Website: www.alfgreen.com
Contact: sirish@alfgreen.com

HQ: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Languages: English
Website: www.ardorarch.com
Contact: vuquang@ardorarch.com 

HQ: Accra, Ghana
Languages: English
Website: www.brollghana.com
Contact: jfsonner1@gmail.com 

HQ: Bucharest, Romania
Languages: English
Website: www.build-green.eu
Contact: razvan.nica@build-green.eu 

HQ: San Salvador, El Salvador
Languages: English, Spanish
Website: www.carboncero.com
Contact: info@carboncero.com 

HQ: Monterrey, Mexico
Languages: English, Spanish
Website: www.construalia.com.mx
Contact: hola@construalia.com.mx 

HQ: Rajasthan, India
Languages: English, Hindi
Website: www.design2occupancy.com
Contact: agupta@design2occupancy.com 

HQ: Cape Town, South Africa
Languages: English, Afrikaans, German
Website: www.ecolution.co.za 
Contact: andre@ecolution.co.za

HQ: Izmir, Turkey
Languages: English, Turkish
Website: www.emkyesilbina.com/
Contact: elcin@emkyesilbina.com

HQ: Abuja, Nigeria
Languages: English
Website: www.giltadvisory.com.ng
Contact: abelowotemu@hotmail.com

HQ: Bucharest, Romania
Languages: English
Website: www.greenbuilding.ro
Contact: elena@greenbuilding.ro 

HQ: Salvador, Brazil
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Website: www.greenedifica.com.br
Contact: contato@greenedifica.com.br 

HQ: Abuja, Nigeria
Languages: English
Website: www.greensquaremetre.com/
Contact: shani@greensquaremetre.com

HQ: Johannesburg, South Africa
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Intermediate French
Website: www.insideoutconsulting.co.za/
Contact: yvonne@insideoutconsulting.co.za

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria
Languages: English
Website: www.litedares.com 
Contact: emmanuelfalude@litedares.com 

HQ: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Languages: English, Portuguese
Website: www.mitsidi.com 
Contact: rosane@mitsidi.com 

HQ: Accra, Ghana
Languages: English
Website: www.instagram.com/neoteros.group 
Contact: makarikari4@gmail.com 

HQ: Hazmieh, Lebanon
Languages: English, Arabic, French.
Website: www.otbconsult.com 
Contact: nader@otbconsult.com

HQ: Seville, Spain
Languages: Spanish (native), Galician (native), English, Portuguese
Website: www.rehabilitaenergia.com 
Contact: pabloans@rehabilitaenergia.com

HQ: Bangalore, India
Languages: English
Contact: sagaarchitects@gmail.com

HQ: Tehran, Iran
Languages: English
Website: www.sepidgroup.com 
Contact: edge@sepidgroup.com

HQ: Mumbai, India
Languages: English
Website: www.surmountenergy.com 
Contact: rout.jp@surmountenergy.com

HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia
Languages: English, Bahasa
Website: www.sustainahaus.com/
Contact: satrio.prakoso@sustainahaus.com

HQ: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Languages: English
Website: www.sdg17consulting.de/
Contact: natalia.korchakova-heeb@sdg17consulting.de

HQ: Nairobi, Kenya
Languages: English
Website: ugcafrica.com/
Contact: amrish@ugcafrica.com

HQ: Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
Languages: English, French
Website: yabakumba.com
Contact: kumbayaba@gmail.com

HQ: Lagos, Nigeria 
Languages: English
Website: www.3designfx.com 
Contact: lolu@3designfx.com

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