We offer all-inclusive pricing for EDGE certification and auditing so you have a clear understanding of all associated costs

Our strategy is to make sure you are getting a fair price based on the work required to deliver EDGE services.

We typically split projects into three categories:
standard projects, non-standard projects and portfolio projects.

Standard Projects:

For any project that meets the below criteria, the fees are fixed, regardless of the location or size of the buildings.

Registration per project site: $300

Project Type:
Residential (single-family housing developments or apartment buildings with up to 100 units and up to three house/apartment types).
Certification Design Audit Final Audit Total
$2,400 $4,000 $4,000 $10,400
Project Type:
Commercial (buildings with a single-end use, including hotels, retail, offices, education buildings and hospitals).
Certification Design Audit Final Audit Total

Non-Standard Projects:

If your project does not fall in the standard category, we need some information from you to help us calculate the price.

The most important thing for us to understand is how many assessments on EDGE will need reviewing and how the development will be run through construction phases.

Fill out our form with some information on your project and we can calculate a price for you

Portfolio Projects:

Interested in certifying a portfolio of buildings (typically across multiple sites)? We offer custom portfolio pricing to help scale larger projects.

Get in touch to discuss your portfolio 

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