EDGE is uniquely designed to make a zero carbon portfolio a reality

We have designed an efficient and scalable process to help you transition all the buildings within your portfolio to zero carbon, whether they are new or existing buildings.

Achieving zero carbon through EDGE.

Achieving EDGE certification on a portfolio of buildings is an incredible achievement, but it’s just the beginning. To minimise the impact of climate change, all new buildings need to be zero carbon by 2030 and all existing building stock must reach net zero by 2050. With EDGE, it’s possible to certify your entire portfolio of buildings and transition them to net zero carbon, whether it’s 5 buildings or 5,000 buildings. 

We have designed a process to help you take the steps you need to prepare for this transition. This process can be used for existing buildings and for new developments.

What does EDGE Zero Carbon cover?

EDGE Zero Carbon looks exclusively at operational energy. To achieve EDGE Zero Carbon Certification, a project must first receive an EDGE Advanced certificate for the asset, which means reaching a minimum of 20 percent savings in water and embodied energy, and a minimum of 40 percent energy savings on-site. The operational energy of the building (based on actual data) must then be covered 100 percent through renewables or carbon offsets.

For more information, read the IFC guidance.

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Looking at a building portfolio pipeline as opposed to an existing portfolio of buildings? We can adjust the above steps and support you in developing a strategy to make your new developments zero carbon.

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