January 31, 2023

Green Building: A portfolio approach

Decarbonisation of your building portfolio is often perceived as costly and time consuming - but it doesn't have to be. Find out how to decarbonise your portfolio at scale.
December 15, 2022

Sintali brings you a Year in Review

Sintali takes a look at the key trends this year from the building and construction sector.
November 4, 2022

How to make infrastructure projects bankable in Africa

How can we get green financing into Africa to build sustainable and resilient infrastructure?
October 25, 2022

Building for change with EDGE: A strategic path to decarbonisation

Sintali co-hosts exclusive event with IFC and BEIS to uncover how EDGE can transform the built environment.
September 8, 2022

Building for Everyone: How building green is protecting our future

This year World Green Building Week is focusing on #BuildingForEveryone. We wanted to explore how Sintali, EDGE and its project help strengthen our communities and provide sustainable and equitable futures.
July 25, 2022

What will it take to implement net zero buildings at scale?

Our Commercial director, Eleni Polychroniadou moderated a panel at Reset Connect, where she unpacked how we can implement net zero buildings at scale.
July 4, 2022

Are we hitting a brick wall in the green building market?

Green buildings have become a buzzword in discussions surrounding sustainability. But how effectively have green buildings penetrated the global market and how close are we to achieving our decarbonisation targets?
April 4, 2022

Gas Crisis Illustrates Need for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency needs to be considered as a route to addressing the gas crisis we face.
March 28, 2022

Why Focus on Buildings in Your Sustainability Strategy?

Every single company will have to consider the impact of its infrastructure when it is looking at reducing its carbon footprint.