January 5, 2022

What is Green Finance and How Does it Apply to Buildings?

‘Green Finance’ is now a well-used term referring to a loan or a bond that is marketed or drafted specifically to be environmentally friendly, but what forms does this take?
November 30, 2021

Partner Feature: Savvy Greens Consultants

Every month we introduce one of our partners around the world. This month we sit down with Ruchi Gandhi, Principal Analyst at Savvy Greens Consultants.
November 1, 2021

A Green Retrofit Revolution to Decarbonise Existing Buildings

How can we bring about a green retrofit revolution and decarbonise existing building stock?
October 25, 2021

The Barriers to Financing Green Buildings

The first of the financing green building blog series: understanding why financing buildings has been difficult to date.
September 7, 2021

EDGE Version 3.0 – Frequently Asked Questions

With weeks to go until version 3.0 is launched, we answer some FAQs from clients and partners.
August 3, 2021

Actions, not Words, for COP 26

COP26 is scheduled to take place in Glasgow. The need for more companies to set net zero targets is more important than ever.
July 5, 2021

Todo Edificio Puede Ser Sostenible

Nos enfrentamos a una crisis climática. Para mitigar los peores impactos, necesitamos reducir a la mitad las emisiones de carbono en los próximos diez años.
June 23, 2021

Partner Feature: Green Edifica Consultoria

Every month we introduce one of our partners around the world. This month we sit down with Diana Paes, Director at Green Edifica Consultoria in Brazil.
June 16, 2021

Los Inversionistas Deben Actuar para que Todos los Edificios Sean Sostenibles

Es importante que los inversionistas lideren el camino para establecer el objetivo de hacer que todos los edificios sean sostenibles.